Fitness equipment buyers guide

Let’s face it – there are hundreds of fitness brands out there with thousands of different machines, models and accessories.

But unless you want your treadmillPilates machinecross-trainer or rowing machine to just sit there taking up space it’s important to get the equipment that is exactly right for you!

Here are our top tips for you to consider before you invest in fitness equipment.

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You are an individual!

Everyone is unique. Think about your:

  • Fitness goals
  • Body weight
  • Height
  • Stride length or rowing action
  • Movement restrictions or limitations

It’s what‘s under the hood that matters

Like most things in life, with fitness equipment you get what you pay for!

Good quality, long lasting fitness equipment is an investment in your healthy future.

A cheap model may seem like a good place to start but if it’s uncomfortable, noisy, unstable, under-powered or breaks down it’s not much of an investment.

So what happens next?

Like it or not, sometimes things do breakdown. Shipping a treadmill or cross-training to the manufacturer can be inconvenient and expensive.

The best warranties include repairers that come to you, or if that’s not available, they have a local drop-off and pick-up.

A plug for us

Mr Treadmill only stocks and sells quality brands and the best models.

We pride ourselves on after sales service and advice, not just pushing stock out the door.

So come and see us, or give us a call. Bring your joggers. Have a go on our demo models and get honest, professional advice.


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